Coronavirus Updates
March 20, 2020

Hello Faith family!

I know that some of you are not on social media, so I am trying to use every means available to get in touch with everybody during this unprecedented time. We need to stay in contact with each other and pray for each other! If you have any emergent needs, please call the church at (845) 467-8151 or my cell at (610) 577-5819. We want to take care of each other during this time, especially the elderly. Please ring their phone off the hook by checking up on them and making sure they don’t need to go out for anything. They are not always “forthcoming” with their needs, so we need to ask. I have been actively calling and texting everyone to try to stay in communication during this time. You can also email my “catch all” email at:

Another excellent way to stay up-to-date on church announcements and prayer requests is to join the church prayer chain. This is a mass texting service that allows us to send your cell phone texts from the church. Prayer Chain sign up instructions: Subscribing is simple. Simply send the message: “ @prayerch ” (without the quotation marks) to: (623) 552-5277. The system will ask for your name. Just reply back with your name and that’s it! There are no ads. You will receive prayer chain messages from 980 939-6284. Feel free to save this number in your phone as the church prayer chain. To submit a prayer request, you should still text Juanita Angelo at 845-978-8595.

We will be broadcasting all of our services for the foreseeable future. The number one way to accomplish our mission of reaching the world with the God’s message during this crisis is by broadcasting online. We do this on Facebook and Youtube. You can go on our website frontpage and click on those links, or you can go on either platform and type “faith baptist church of Montgomery ny” in the search bar and we should come up. If you don’t have social media, please consider starting a Facebook account so that you can tune in online, connect with others and share the church broadcasts with friends to get God’s message out to people who are afraid and looking for answers.

We are also going to be rolling out plans for using online meeting apps like ZOOM or Gotomeeting to meet together virtually for Adult Sunday School classes.

Let’s also be faithful in our giving to the Lord through tithes and offerings during this time so that our lighthouse in this community and around the world can continue to shine brightly to the lost and feed the Great Shepherd’s sheep. There are several ways to give:

  • You can give online on our website at:
  • You can use our new Text-to-give system. There is a video on our website on how to sign up for that.
  • You can utilize good old fashion snail mail by mailing a check to: 34 E Searsville Road, Montgomery New York, 12549
  • You can even stop by the church and place an envelope in the offering lockbox in our church lobby

In order for the church to track your giving for tax purposes you will need to set up a giving account and obtain a giving number. If you have any questions about giving, please call or text Deacon Derek Green at (703) 864-1211.

Lastly, don’t let fear rule in this situation. Remember 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Let’s take care of one another. Pray for one another. Keep in contact with each other. Look for every opportunity to share the Gospel! Pray for God to be glorified through all this. I look forward to having a big celebration Sunday when we are all able to come back together!

I love you all!

In Christ,

Jeff Vinci

March 15, 2020

Adult Bible Study and Kids of Faith groups are cancelled for the next two Wednesday evenings. Please check back for updates.

March 14, 2020

Tomorrow we are having Sunday School and Sunday morning church at the regularly scheduled time.

Due to the regulations imposed by the State of New York in the interest of public health, we are limited to 50% of our legal capacity in the auditorium, which is 75 people. We want to figure out the best way to have church and fully comply with State regulations. Tomorrow we will count people as they come in and if/when we reach this number, we will direct people downstairs to overflow to watch the service live on a screen. We will assess this strategy and make adjustments next week if needed.

We will not be passing out bulletins. Keep checking back for important updates and announcements.

Please remember to respect peoples personal space and show them love by refraining from shaking hands, hugging and kissing.

If you do not feel well please stay home and join us live online on Facebook or Youtube.

We are excited to have Joshua Towns with us tomorrow. He is a missionary to the Arabic people in Philadelphia. Let’s be faithful in our giving during this season to keep the Lord’s work functioning both here and abroad. You can give online if you have any questions you can call or text Derek Green at: 703-864-1211.

Finally let’s give God first place in our hearts and come ready to worship! He is worthy of it! We have His promise that one day He will come and fix this messed up, sin-cursed world. He is our ultimate hope!

March 10, 2020

By now you have probably read a lot of responses by different organizations to the Coronavirus, so I will be brief. A response is necessary in order to keep everyone informed and on the same page:

1. Don’t panic. 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. God is in control. Use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel. We are not alone, God knows right where we are.

2. As of right now we are planning on maintaining our normal service schedule. Please check our website and Facebook page frequently for any updates. You can also join the “prayer chain”, our mass texting service for emergency prayer requests and church announcements. To join, send a text to this number: (623) 552-5277. The message that you text needs to say “@prayerch “ (without the quotation marks). The system will ask for your name. Just respond by typing your name and that’s it.

3. We are canceling “handshaking time” during our services for a while in order to prevent the spread of any sickness. In addition, we are asking that people do not shake hands, hug, kiss, or show any signs of affection through contact. Even if you “aren’t concerned about it” you may make someone uncomfortable who is. Save up all that love for when we can go back to normal operation.

4. Be Smart. If you are sick, stay home. God knows your heart. He knows that you want to be there. You are loving your neighbor by taking one for the team and staying home in order to prevent those you love from getting sick. You can go to to stay up to date on the latest news and instructions or the Orange County Health Department It seems our elderly members may be particularly more vulnerable so we ask that you take every precaution.

5. We broadcast every service on our Facebook and Youtube channel. If you are unable to attend due to sickness you can still “tune in” to every service online.

6. For those unaware, you can maintain stewardship by give online though our website here.

Lastly, while it is important to take all necessary precautions, and gain valuable information, be careful about believing everything you see on social media and news sites that are trying to increase their ratings with sensational claims. Trust God. Be informed. Pray for one another. 1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: